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Concerns we can help with

We can help with a wide range of concerns

Each individual is unique and your concern may be one from the list below or it may be something entirely different. This is a list of more common concerns that arrive into the therapeutic space and a short description of what this might look like in the world.

Sometimes you may arrive at counselling without fully knowing what the underlying concern is. All is welcome. You are welcome.


The literal definition of stress is to do with the weakening of materials by applied force or strain. Do you notice this? Have you been weakened by external forces? Do you feel that your body is under strain? The therapy room can be a place to unload the weight of these straining forces and start to rebuild your resilience and strength.


Grief and loss are a dependable fact of each and every one of us being alive. You may be experiencing the pain of a bereavement or the emptiness of a loss. Grief unfolds in many different ways. Counselling and psychotherapy allow for you to talk through your experience of grieving and feel contained and safe within that process.


Prolonged and sustained experiences of sadness and/or loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and have an impact on your overall functionality. Psychotherapy can help with exploring thought processes and behaviours and to gently seek out meaning and values that can contribute to a fulfilling life.


Anxiety is an inevitable part of being alive. We exist within an infinite number of unknowns. What happens when we feel overwhelmed by the unknowns? The safety of a counselling room can give an opportunity to explore this question and begin to understand what anxiety means for you.

Anger management

Anger is an emotion just like all the others. It is also an emotion that can have significant consequences if it is left unexplored. We need anger but we also need to understand our relationship to it. Talking is a good place to begin.

Work difficulties

What is your relationship to work? What is its role in your life? Are there aspects of it that are cause for concern? A neutral, non-judgemental, confidential place can be helpful to unburden the weight of difficulties that can arise in a work environment.

Relationship difficulties

By the virtue of our existence we all will find ourselves in one form of relationship or another. Being complex human beings can make the process of navigating these relationships difficult. Learning how we relate can be a good building block to unpacking the complicated connections associated with living.

Family tensions

We don't get to choose our family yet they are the thread from which we are spun. Tensions are inevitable and can be wide ranging and painful. Being able to talk through these and being listened to with compassion and understanding can be an opportunity to begin to meet these tensions from a different perspective.


Despite being surrounded by billions of people here on earth, feeling alone and isolated can be a common concern. We can feel especially lonely when the world is a difficult place. You do not need to feel alone in your difficulty. Reaching out is hard but worthwhile.


When our physical body is being challenged it can bring many concerns. To have somewhere to voice these concerns out loud with a compassionate listener can be necessary as the physical body is not the only part that an illness can cause an impact.


Another word for trauma is 'wound'. Have you experienced a 'wounding'? Wounds need the right environment to encourage their healing. A safe and secure therapeutic space is a good starting point to begin to explore what our wounds might need to become whole again.

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